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    EcoRain™ Systems & Eco- RainwaterSolutions are a company totally dedicated to manufacturing and supplying leading technology for the Stormwater industry. We have patent pending and registered design for all of our products and systems.

    EcoRain™ Systems & Eco-RainwaterSolutions offers you EXPERIENCE, EXPERTISE, & QUALITY products utilized by major engineering, architectural & construction companies, and Cities in many countries including the USA, Europe, Asia, Middle East and Australia.

    • Philosophy

      The EcoRain™ Systems & Eco-RainwaterSolutions philosophy is simple: collect, treat, and release, or ideally reuse Stormwater close as possible to where it falls; thereby eliminating untreated and contaminated runoff into the waterways, and eliminating costly water treatment facilities.

    • Manufacture

      All EcoRain™ Systems & Eco-RainwaterSolutions products and systems are manufactured using 100% recycled polypropylene – 60% postconsumer  40% post-industrial prime recycled materials also available in 100% VIRGIN material if required by the specifiers”. We monitor the manufacturing process to ensure consistent quality and strength of the products. Our manufacturing plants are in the USA and other countries – we make all products to USA standards.

    • Focus on the Future

      EcoRain™ Systems & Eco-RainwaterSolutions are committed to the continued development of new products and systems for the healthier quality of water. We will soon release new systems that will transform Stormwater management.

    • Work

      We work in conjunction with our distributors and agents who work closely with cities officials, engineers, architects, landscape architects, and environmental groups to find improved cost-effective solutions to Best Management Practice’s and general Stormwater management.

    • Products test

      USA laboratories have fully tested EcoRain™ Systems & Eco-RainwaterSolutions products for strength and flow. Our products carry the guarantee of ASHTO H-25 load capacity when installed per specification when installed as per our specifications.

    • Range of Products

      EcoRain™ Systems & Eco-RainwaterSolutions supplies a diverse range of products around the world for projects in the building and construction industry, roads, airports, civil work, tunnels, sport fields, racecourses, the landscaping industry for residential and commercial developments, and subdivisions.

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