• Onsite Stormwater Management.
• Environmentally friendly made from selected 100% Recycled Polypropylene.
• Recharges Groundwater Table through the principle of infiltration.
• Mitigation of downstream flooding.
• Site space utilization and minimum site disruption.
• Economical and Low system and reduces liability issues.
• Modular Structure for design flexibility.
• Heavy load-carrying capacity.
• Supplied in Kit form for ease in transportation.
• High void surface ratio for quicker infiltration.
• Lightweight hence no heavy machinery or skilled labor required.

ERS SuDS Modular


ERS SuDS Systems Crates Dimension Chart

ecorain systems tank size chart
ERS crates stacked

Crate Assembly

Always Install Crates Upright for Maximum Strength and for Warranty.

Evenly distribute and connect the small panels into one large panel.

Next, working from one end to the other, attach a second large plate on the opposite side of the first. Once the top and bottom large plates are attached, complete the sides of the crate module.

EcoRain Systems install

Maintenance and Inspection

ecorain system maintenance

Our Systems philosophy recommends Point Source filtration of water before it enters ERS SuDS™ Crates or Drainage Cells.™