We are the visionary creators and pioneers behind the patented Revolutionary

Crates System

Experience our revolutionary new technology in high-strength StormCrates design, a game-changer in the industry.

Our stormcrates optimize the sustainability and efficiency of your stormwater management infrastructure, providing a reliable and innovative solution for capturing and storing stormwater runoff.

Invest in our StormCrates and experience the benefits of a reliable and effective stormwater management system that prioritizes performance and environmental responsibility.

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Eco-RainwaterSolutions (ERS) Stormwater Management for LAX International Airport

Eco-RainwaterSolutions (ERS) StormWater management for U.S. Navy helicopter base

Eco-Rainwater Solutions


We are proud of complete hundreds of projects in the middle east

Water is a precious and invaluable resource, particularly in arid regions, where its scarcity is keenly felt. In high-stakes projects such as these, the importance of reliable, predictable, and sturdy solutions cannot be overstated.

Fortunately, our Eco-Rainwater Solutions (ERS) Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) have proven themselves equal to the task time and time again, thanks to their superior ability to collect rainwater runoff and efficiently manage drainage.


The management of rainwater is of paramount importance in maintaining the health and sustainability of our urban waterways. As new developments emerge, appropriate controls must effectively manage stormwater, prevent flooding, and enhance water quality.

Infrastructure and development controls are essential for managing stormwater, and innovative solutions like Eco-Rainwater Solutions & StormCrates can significantly aid in reducing the risk of flooding to properties. Treating, utilizing, and retaining rainwater within the catchment area through sustainable urban drainage systems (SUDS) is a highly effective approach to minimizing the volume of stormwater runoff reaching our waterways

Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) is a comprehensive approach to stormwater management that is effectively achieves this goal. It utilizes techniques like rainwater recollection and advanced drainage systems to capture, store, and treat stormwater runoff. This approach can significantly reduce the frequency and severity of flooding in urban areas, while improving water quality.

By adopting a sustainable approach to rainwater management and incorporating innovative techniques like Eco-Rainwater Solutions and StormCrates into urban development plans, we can protect our waterways and enhance the quality of life for our communities.


Water is a finite resource that is essential for all forms of life. Despite its importance, many of us take it for granted, and the limited fresh water supply is becoming increasingly apparent. Recycling, collecting, and storing rainwater for later use can effectively conserve this precious resource.

The most common method of rainwater harvesting is collecting water from roofs and storing it in tanks. However, an eco-sustainable rainwater system can involve underground reservoirs like the Eco-Rain water solutions and the StormCrates System. These crates provide an efficient means of capturing stormwater runoff. You can use them to store and recycle water for later use.

One of the benefits of rainwater recycling is the reduction of strain on the drainage systems in our neighborhoods. By capturing water directly from the source, we can reduce the amount of stormwater runoff, minimizing the risk of overloading these systems in areas with aging or inadequate infrastructure, where the risk of flooding and water damage is high.

In summary, rainwater recycling is a practical and effective means of conserving water, reducing reliance on traditional storage methods, and alleviating pressure on drainage systems. We can create an eco-sustainable rainwater system that benefits the environment and our wallets, such as the Eco-RainWater Solutions and the StormCrates System.

Eco Rainwater Solutions SuDS

We are the visionary creators and pioneers behind the patented

Rainwater Management Revolutionary Crates System


Eco Rainwater Solutions SuDS

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