Los Angeles Department of Public Works,
Bureau of Sanitation

Our exceptional eco-sustainable stormwater management system, the bio-filtration system, is meticulously crafted to seamlessly integrate within the lanes of traffic, expertly filtering industrial runoff from major highways, the Imperial Highway Median, sanitation processing plants, residential communities, and preventing harmful pollutants from contaminating the oceans.

  • The innovative project, conceptualized by the esteemed City of Los Angeles Department of Public Works, Bureau of Sanitation, is a prime example of excellence among the 32 stormwater Best Management Practice projects funded and Completed with utmost dedication and precision. The project was successfully concluded in November 2009, showcasing the city’s commitment to sustainable stormwater management.

  • The stormwater runoff project is a bio-filtration system comprised of vegetated swales and an infiltration trench obtaining approximately 13,000 cubic feet of Eco Rainwater Solutions Tanks that will collect runoff from a 7.5-acre area. It removes bacteria, oil, trash, and suspended solids from stormwater that would otherwise discharge to Santa Monica Bay and the Pacific Ocean.